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Contract conditions of Gloomar Ltd. Company

Last update at: 2015, 1st of October

Welcome on our portal GLOOMAR

Thank you for using our application and services (“services”).

Services are provided by Gloomar Ltd. Company based on 2 TINTAGEL CLOSE, RUSHDEN, NORTHAMPTONSHIRE NN10 0QN, U.K. (hereinafter just Gloomar Company”).

Concession / Licence / to rendition of services within the area of United Kingdom is owned by Gloomar Ltd company.

Concession / Licence / to rendition of services within the area of CzechRepublic is owned byGloomar CZ,a.s.

Rights that we are giving by this licence, have to be used in order to exercise, propagation and improvement of existing services and to development of new services provided via trade and information portal under protected marking Gloomar on web page or or

By using our services you express your agreement with these contract conditions. Read them carefully please.

Our services can be used by legal as well as physical entities that have reached full age and that are eligible for independent legal acts.

Use of the services

At use of the services you have to keep overall rules that are available within the range of rendition of the services.

Our services mustn’t be abused. E.g. you are not eligible to infringe upon them as well as to try to gain them unlike by dedicated interface and by provided directions. Services can be used only within the range of valid legal regulations. We are authorized to stop or terminate the services in case that your behaviour is not in accordance with conditions or rules of use of the services provided by portal or if we are inspecting suspicion of forbidden behaviour.

By use of the service you don’t gain any rights of intellectual ownership of our services even of content you are accessing to. You are not entitled to use content of the services if you don’t get agreement of their provider /owner/. These conditions don’t confer the right to use any trademarks even the logos used within our services. Don’t remove, cover or modify any formula clauses or notifications that are displayed within our services or are delivered with them.

In offer of the services also content not owned by Gloomar Company is displayed. Only subjects publishing the content via information portal Gloomar are responsible for this published content. We can check this content to make sure that it is legal and it fulfils our principles and if we assume that it counteracts our principles or legal regulations, we can remove this content or avoid its further displaying. Take cognizance of the fact that above-mentioned information doesn’t mean that we verify the content.

Within the range of use of particular services we can send you notices, administrative reports and other information. You can cancel sending of certain information within your account.

Your Gloomar account

To use our services you will need Gloomar account. Within our application you can create your own Gloomar account or administrator, e.g. consultant, can create this Gloomar account for you. If this Gloomar account will be created by consultant, this consultant will have possibility to access your Gloomar account. If you want to prevent from this access, you have to change your login data immediately after your first login. You are fully responsible for all activities running on or via your Gloomar account.

If you detect that your account is used by somebody else

If you suspect that somebody else knows or has changed your login password or he uses your Gloomar account without authorization, please, change your login data of your account immediately so that nobody else will be able to login your account. If you want to do so, just log into your account and change your user name and password.

If you will be not able to change login password of your Gloomar account and you will be not able to login, please, contact our service department by or your consultant.

Protection of personal data and copyright

Principles of personal data protection of Gloomar company describe how we handle your personal data and how we protect your privacy at using our services. Using these services you express your agreement with the fact that Gloomar company can use these data in accordance with principles of personal data protection.

About software / application / within the range of the services

Gloomar Company grants you personal non-negotiable and non-sole licence valid worldwide for using software provided by Gloomar Company as a part of the services. Exclusive purpose of this licence is to enable you to use services and utilize their contributions in a way allowed in these contract conditions. You are not authorized to copy, change, distribute, sell or lease any part of our services even software included in these services. Exceptions are the cases when these bans are at variance with legal regulations or when you have written permit of Gloomar Company.

Change and termination of the services

We constantly consolidate and improve our services. We can continuously add or remove functions and also we can stop or terminate whole service at any time.
You can terminate use of our services at any time. Gloomar Company can also stop rendition of the services at any time or it can create or add any new limitations of the services.
We are sure that your data mentioned at the certification and registration is your exclusive ownership and it is important to keep access to them available to you. If we stop rendition of particular service, we always send clients the notice in advance and we enable them to get relevant data from particular service if this procedure will be possible and efficient.

Our guarantee and denial of responsibility

We provide our services abreast with knowledge and care that are adequate in existent kind of business and we hope that they will represent any contribution to you. But certain facts in connection with our services we cannot promise.
Gloomar Company as well as its suppliers or distributors / providers / don’t mention in connection with the services any other concrete promises except that explicitly mentioned in these conditions. E.g., in connection with the content within the range of the services we don’t commit ourselves to anything related to concrete functions of the services, to their reliability, availability as well as their capability to fulfil your needs. We provide the services “as they are”.
Some legal orders offer certain guarantees, e.g. derived guarantees related to propriety for specific purpose and observance of the rights. Within the range enabled by legal regulations we renounce overall guarantees.

Responsibility for our services

If it is enabled by valid legal regulations, Gloomar company as well as its suppliers or distributors /providers/ will not bear any responsibility for lost profit, lost revenue, lost of data, financial losses even for indirect, special, subsequent or exemplar losses or for compensation for damage with penalty function.

Within the range enabled by legal regulations, overall responsibility of Gloomar Company and its suppliers and distributors /providers/ for any claim raised based on these conditions including overall guarantees resulting from the law will be limited by the amount that you have paid for the services use.

In all cases it is valid that Gloomar company even its suppliers or distributors /providers/ will not bear any responsibility for any losses or damages that cannot be adequately foreseen.
We are aware of the fact that in some countries you can have legally exercisable rights of user. If you use our services for trade, corporate or personal purposes, no part of these conditions limits legal rights of user that cannot be denied via contractual terms.

User responsibility

At use of Gloomar portal services you commit yourselves to provide truthful and actual data and information. If you use the services of Gloomar information portal, you as the user bear overall direct exclusive responsibility for your published data including all losses, claims, spending on legal proceedings and actions originated by consequent on your published information.

Use of our services by companies

If you use our services on behalf of company, then this company agrees with following conditions. You will protect Gloomar Company, its distributors /providers/, its branches, representatives, agents, consultants and employees from any claims, legal proceedings and actions resulting from or connected with using our services or violation of these contract conditions including responsibility and spending originated from overall claims, losses and compensations of damages, actions, legal proceedings, judgments, spending for legal proceeding and costs for legal representation and you compensate them for any of mentioned above.

Information on these conditions

We are eligible to change these conditions occasionally, e.g. by reason of changes of valid legislation or changes of our services. You should check wording of the conditions regularly. We publish a report on conditions change on this page. Changes will not be raised retroactively and they will not come into force earlier than 14 days after publication. However, changes related to new functions of particular service or changes implemented on legal grounds will come into force immediately. If you don’t agree with changed conditions of particular service, you can stop using this service.

These conditions control contractual relations between you and Gloomar Company and they don’t confer any rights to third parties.

If you will violate of these conditions and we will not act immediately, its doesn’t mean that we waive any rights that eventually belong to us (e.g. right to act in the future).

If it comes out that particular regulation is not enforceable, this fact will not affect any other regulation.
Courts in several countries will not abide by system of law of U.K. at some types of suits. If your permanent residence or domicile is present in some of these countries, then in cases when exercitation of system of law of U.K. is legally excluded, you can apply system of law of your country at these suits. Other way round you agree that all suits, which result from these conditions or which are connected with these conditions or the services, will be subject to system of law of U.K. Similarly, in cases of the suits, which result from these conditions or which are connected with them, it is valid that if system of law of your country will not enable you to agree with jurisdiction or local concurrent jurisdiction in the area of U.K., then you can apply local jurisdiction/cognizance. Other way round, all pursuits concerning claims resulting from these conditions or connected with them or with the services will be conducted exclusively at public courts in the area of U.K. Gloomar Company as well as you both agree with personal jurisdiction/cognizance of these courts.

Information on ways how to contact Gloomar Company is available in the section "Support".

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