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DARKNET is an international term for semi or downright illegal activities within the Internet.This is a broad-spectrum of activity, using factual and uncontrolled anonymity of the Internet and unavailability of global legal protection, thanks to:

  • Internet users are losing their privacy
  • Abused identity of individuals and companies
  • Abuse of companies trademarks
  • Are offered nonexistent products and services
  • There is demand and supply of products and services with the aim of non payment on deliveries.

With global annual and year on year increasing economic losses in the billions of dollars.

GLOOMAR / GLOBAL  OPEN MARKET is a multinational, business informative  and professional multilingual modular plarform that ensures a professional and legal sound service. Targeted for certified and registered users, legal entities and individuals. The whole system is designed so that from one place which allows users of its broad-spectrum to use services that ensures maximum performance,  attainted achievement  with minimum cost. With full declaration of legal clarity, offered algorithm and acceptance of confidential information in the course of trade.

GLOOMAR is not an Internet search engine company and product!

Why?  Because GLOOMAR is for professionals, who do not want robots daily harassment, endless spam, and are aware of presious time. Who want to receive accurate information from a full-fledged business partner and a partner to trade in the global market and also be protected.


GLOOMAR is not for everyone!

GLOOMAR / GLOBAL OPEN MARKET is designed exclusively by certified and registered partners with business investments , who want to separately present  their company or themselves, their products and services in the form of offers and inquires at an international level, and to all other certified and industry-profiled professionals.  

GLOOMAR is purely professional environment  and is not overcast by paid advertising activities.

GLOOMAR provides full services exclusively in regions where it has a direct legal representation and an established network of highly trained consultants.

GLOOMAR provides registered users in a broad spectrum of unique services including:

  1. " Give me the information and I will sale it   " !!
  2. management of advertisement  / offers and inquiries / in all individual modules of the portal.

Show the world what you really know and what you want !!

How can I become part of the international portal GLOOMAR?

Open your GLOOMAR user account, add the account to your company, certify  your company,  register it and start to communicate  securely with certified partners.

Gloomar user account is used only for primary data, to verify the administrative   data of  company account.

Gloomar user account can be created only by persons legally capable and authorized to act for the edited company  owners, directors, managers or persons authorized in writing .

All proving documents must be submitted as part of the completion of the certification process of the company.

By utilizing a secure  accounts of users who  can communicate with trading partners  around  the world, without the danger of receiving  spam,  advertising spam and so on.

Nobody, not even any global or any robotic worldwide Internet search engines can‘t  determine your access data to your account,  which means that your address is not going to be in registry of addresses , which then are used by companies of various kinds to send various  fraudulent offers. With Gloomar account you're protected against such an activities.

Yes, but only companies from the region where you have a domicile - residence,address of domicile.

Corporate governance outside your domicile, you must create the appropriate local user account under the relevant local domain, such as the management of the German company under the domain user account

Company account used to manage corporate data, advertised offers and requests and communicate with other portal users.

Company account is managed only by the user's account.

Certified partner is a company that has gone through the certification process CENCEA confirmed  by CENCEA consultant at our company headquarters.

Certified  Gloomar partners ranks in the forefront of the frame work of selected databases . Within the portal , it  does not allow for paid advertising of registered users.

CENCEA - Central Certification Authority  –  CERTIFICATION  is six  Level certification , a certification algorithm that ensures safety in trade for certified company.

Each certified partner is under the constant supervision of local consultant. In practice, this means that if you are in business contact with another certified entity, you can be sure that the information you provide is correct and if there is a problem you can contact the consultant who did certified  such a company .

Submit the company for which you are authorized to act in your user account, check and update public information. Enter the information at different levels of  CENCEA certification, that you want to present to other users, select the consultant. If you have a problem with the  certification process , contact your local consultant  who will help you with the certification.

Tags or keywords are your defined words or phrases - brand - the law governing searches within the portal. For example, if you are a company that operates  wholesale fruit company, the tag is  to write wholesale fruit and the equivalent in the English language WHOLESALE FRUIT. If someone enters   in a search word wholesale fruit , it will display his primary business contacts that contain those keywords.

Tags are also recommended for individual ads.


Module JOB  if you are looking for a company truck driver to write the ad offers a keyword truck driver and an english equivalent TRUCK DRIVER.

 Module PRODUCTS and SERVICES, for example, if you search for apple growers, enter  apple growers and you see all the producers of apples, which have a tag with the words Production Growing Apples and  equivalent APPLE PRODUCTION.

 Module EXHIBITIONS and FAIRS, for example, if you advertise a specialized trade fair focused on fishing,  enter tags Fair, Fishing, Fish and equivalent FAIR FISHING FISH.

Preparing the company for certification can be done by CENCEA Certified Consultant.

This is a paid service. Price upon request and it will be communicate by the appropriate consultant.

Important !!

Take advantage of  this service,check thoroughly  the data in preparation for the certification of your company assigned. For all published data it is your responsibility as a user. Immediately after certification we also recommend for security reasons, to change the password of your account.

Registered user may only be the certified partner.

Registration is a paid service, enabling certified partner of unlimited use of all services that GLOOMAR  portal provides.This means that a registered user can freely advertise in all modules of the  Gloomar portal,you can use to create internal databases of your choice,present yourselves as a certified professional in contact with foreign clients.

All, currently offered for the duration of registration. For example:

  • On line update data about company
  • On line update data about your products and services / create your international product and services cataloque /
  • Generate in your account internal database of your clients
  • Generate an international databases of  your potential clients
  • Chose  the domestic and foreign trade fairs
  • Seek for  finance internationally
  • Offer and seek jobs abroad, including a full-fledged legal, accounting, human resources and consultancy services.
  • Establish online affiliates abroad, including a full-fledged legal, accounting, human resources and consultancy services.
  • Look for foreign partners for cooperation.
  • Offer a representation for  products and services to foreign companies and many other.

Qualified user is a registered user, who within the CENCEA  certification ranks among professionals  of a particular Gloomar model.

If you are for example:

  • Real Estate company or agent, in the context of certification you have an opportunity to profile your self as a professional in the module REALTY.
  • Construction company, under certification you have an opportunity to profile yourself as a professional in module CONSTRUCTION.
  • Investor, within the certification you have an opportunity to profile as a professional module INVESTMENT.
  • Qualified user may be a natural person holding company in a professional position which includes some of the GLOOMAR modules.
  • So if we take for example the position of HR recruiters registered company which puts you within certification as a personal advisor, your contact is listed among qualified users module WORK -JOBS.
  • In practice, this means that as companies will preferentially receive any demand from your field of work including inquiries candidates.

Yes, fully.  Gloomar enables data editing and viewing ads in many languages.


Gloomar basic language is indeed English, but individual pages can be displayed with one click to convert into a language  you understand. Robotic  translations are not perfect, but it allows you to quick orientation within the portal and individual company presentations, advertisements, offers and requests.

General and literally to the letter, sometimes even none.

 In today's global world, it is a paradox, but a publicly available database at best contain data type name, address and sometimes the general field of activity. Usually registration or state officials and legislation respecting internationally recognized dials or lines of business products and services.

So you usually learn that the company XY at this address operates wholesale and retail activities.

See for yourself how your company is presented by state registers in the domestic and international arena.

 Take it into your  own hands.

We know that it depends on who you are and what you do. Do not leave your competence to  intermediaries.

It may be for several reasons.

  1. Either you do not know the exact name of the company, especially in cases of company names containing spaces, dots or other features in various combinations.
  2. You have a company name associated with the product, which the company uses the media, but the company name is in fact diferent. If the database contains a replacement, for example. You have identifying data  known as the identification number of the company, it's simple. Otherwise you get  in trouble when searching, so you usually learn that the company XY is on this at this address.

  3. The company you are searching for is not in the data base.

In this case  we recommend that if it is a potential business partner, let him know of the absence of his data in the database companies . They are loosing a potential business oportunities.

In this case we recomend your company  to fully  edit and certified.

Yes, it is necessary to prove notarized documents establishing the company, Web and e-mail address, phone contact an administrator of the company. In this case, you can use all the services of GLOOMAR  as a non certified partner. After the opening of our branch in your region  you can properly certify your company by  according to CENCEA  international standards.

GLOOMAR modules are divided into professional and informative.

Profesional modules associates qualified  associate's /experts / from different  areas of business.

  • Module ADVERTISING brings together professionals from the field of advertising.
  • Module BUILDING INDUSTRY brings together professionals from the field of construction.
  • Module EXHIBITIONS and FAIRS brings together professionals from the field of exhibitions & fairs.
  • Module FINANCE brings together professionals from the field of finance.
  • Module HEALTH brings together professionals from the field of health care.
  • Module INSURANCE brings together professionals from the field of insurance.
  • Module INVESTMENT brings together professionals from the field of investment.
  • Module JOB brings together professionals from the field of job opportunity.
  • Module LAW brings together professionals from the field of advokacy.
  • Module MARKETING brings together professionals from the field of marketing.
  • Module REAL ESTATE brings together professionals from the field of Real Estate market.
  • Module  TRAVEL brings together professionals from the field of tourism. 

Informative modules provide an information:

  • Module COMPANIES provide information about the company and allows certified and registered users to work with the register of companies according to their needs, ie. to create a database of potential clients or existing clients for faster and protected communication.
  • Module EXPAND provide information in the event that the decision about establishing the company abroad and you need legal economic or personnel support, including general information on the relevant region.
  • Module EXPAND provides wide range of essential information on target region:
    • basic geographic and demographical information,
    • information on political and legal nature,
    • basic set of the information on commodity prices, costs and production inputs,
    • information on tax legislation,
    • guidance in the area of legal matters in case of the company foundation,
    • real estate service and legal service,
    • financial and insurance products,
    • consultancy in the area of local labor market.
  • Module PRODUCTS & SERVICES allows registered companies to the presentation and management of a portfolio of products and services on the international market.As a registered user you can communicate online with other registered business partners by utilizing detail presentation of products or services.
  • Module SECOND allows registered companies bid and the portfolio management  unneeded or used the product / materials for sale.
  • Module START allows registered companies to supply and demand dealership in other states and countries or regions.It is intended for companies who do not want to open their own branch and offer business represented in the form of franchises or joint venture , or looking for such a cooperation or vice versa .

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