Privacy protection

Privacy Protection

1. General Overview
To operate the service Gloomar, and to reduce the risk of fraud, Gloomar LLC (“Gloomar” ”our” “us” “or” “we”), as manager of data and information, we are obliged to ask you to provide information about you. Consent and agreement to these terms and conditions privacy protection of personal data, you expressly agree to the processing of your personal data in the manner set out in this document. This Privacy Policy Principles describes the information how we collect, process and use that information. Gloomar takes the processing of your information very seriously and will use your information only in accordance with these terms and privacy conditions. For the purpose of Gloomar privacy, the term “ INFORMATION ” means any confidential or personal data and other information relating to users of Gloomar services, including, but not limited to customers and traders (legal entities).
We will not sell or rent your confidential or personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes without your explicit consent.
However, to offer Gloomar certified and guaranteed services for our users, gradually to improve the quality of Gloomar services and protect the interest of our users, we will under certain circumstances share some of your information with third parties under strict restrictions, as more fully described in section 3, 5 and 6 of this Privacy Policy. It is therefore important to read the following Privacy Policy Principles applicable to all Gloomar services.
This Privacy Policy is intended to control the use of the services of our Gloomar users (including those who use Gloomar services without restriction within their business or professional activities), unless under a contract agreed otherwise.
Changes to these Personal Data Principles:
All future changes (updating) of the Privacy Policy Principles set in future updates take legal effect “legal agreement” (valid) after publication on relevant pages of the Gloomar site at the time of your register action to use Gloomar services. Gloomar updates of this Privacy Policy Principles are incorporated by reference action into these Privacy Policy Principles and become effective upon their publication, as stated in Principles update. “Policy updates” means a notice of future changes in some of your agreements with Gloomar confined on the day of establishing of your user account that Gloomar may make available in written form through publication on the Gloomar website portal. If you disagree with the new terms of this Privacy Policy Principles details, please cancel your user account using Gloomar services.
Notification of Changes:
This Privacy Policy Principles may be revised and updated over time in connection with the provision of new features in Gloomar services. Gloomar LLC may change these Private Policy Principles at any time by posting an update version on our website. If we do not have a legal reason to do otherwise, we will give you at least 30 days advance notice of the effective date of the revised Privacy Policy Principles. An updated version will be posted on the “PRIVACY POLICY ” page on our website and we will send e-mail notification to your Gloomar account. If you will on the effective date of (publication) the revised Privacy Policy Principles continue to use the Gloomar service, this will be considered as your consent to any changes to the Privacy Policy Principles. If you will disagree with the new terms of the Privacy Policy Principles, you can always cancel your membership account.
Please check regularly the website for the latest version of Gloomar protection principles of personal data.
Third party Websites:
Some pages of the Gloomar website contain links to websites of third parties. Third-party sites are governed by their own Privacy Policy Principles, and Gloomar is not responsible for their operations, but without the influence and restrictions for its information practices.
Special Note: a person under 18 years of age is not eligible to use Gloomar services.
2. The information we collect
Required information:
To open an account or use Gloomar services, you must provide your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.
We will also need to get additional business and / or identifying information for some business transactions.
Use of equipment:
When you access Gloomar using any device (whether in connection with Gloomar wirelessly or via landline or otherwise), we can additionally collect and store data on the device (including the device ID) and geolocation data with the aim to provide Gloomar services.
Information about you from third parties:
In order to protect all of your customers against potential fraud, continuously verify the information you provide and then we certify them. In the process we obtain additional information about you.
Gloomar , in its sole discretion, reserves the right to periodically retrieve and update information about your business activities and reserves the right to close your Gloomar account based on information obtained during this review process.
If you use your Gloomar account for the presentation of goods and services, we may also collect information from the public about your business and conduct on social media platforms, relevant for assessing the creditworthiness and confirm your transactions and/or your business, including its size and the size of your customer base.
Information about you from other sources: We may also collect information about you from other sources, including other companies associated in Gloomar activities (depending on their privacy policy in accordance with applicable law).
Further Verification:
If we are unable to verify the information you provide, we may ask you to upload or send us additional information.
Website Traffic Quarry of Gloomar
Because of the manner in which Internet communication standardizing work, it happens that when visiting or leaving the Gloomar website, we automatically receive the web address site from which you came. We also collect information which website you have visited and how long you stayed there, your IP address, type of browser you are using and time of visit to our website.
Cookies, web beacons, local storage and similar technologies:
When accessing our website, or by using Gloomar Services, we ( including companies we work with), we can place small data files on your computer or other device, These data files can be cookies, pixel tags, “Flash cookies”, or other local storage provided by the browser or associated applications (collectively, the “Cookies”).
We use cookies to recognize you as a customer for your Gloomar customized services, and ensure the security of your account is not compromised, reduce risks and prevent fraud and promote trust and security sites and Gloomar services.
By your communication with us via the interface customer service or other purpose (eg, through reports, e-mails, faxes, phone calls, tweets, etc.), we can keep these information and our response to your communication in the records of your account.
Questionnaires, surveys, business information and your data profile:
Sometimes we can offer to our user questionnaires, surveys and business information for purposes such as collecting demographic information or assessing user interests and needs of Gloomar portal.
Individuals and companies who are certified and registered users of Gloomar services:
Individuals and companies who are certified and registered users of Gloomar services can use the Gloomar services for free and without restriction.
Individuals and companies who are not registered users of Gloomar services:
Individuals and companies who are not registered users may use the Gloomar paid services.
Account information:
For the purposes of this privacy information, Gloomar account contains the following information:
Title, first and last name, e-mail address, phone number, user name, photograph, IP address, device ID, geological information, details of Gloomar commercial transactions, account settings, details of identity collected as part of our information resources and customer correspondence.
3. How we use the information we collect
Internal use:
We collect, store and process your information on our servers. Our primary goal in collecting information is to provide you with a safe, smooth, efficient and customized service.
You agree that we may use your personal information in the following:
-commercial transactions within Gloomar services;
-verification of your identity during the account creation process and change of the password to access Master account;
-risk management in the form of detection, prevention and/ or remediation of any fraud or other potentially illegal or prohibited activities;
-detect, prevent or correct the violation or agreements in force between users;
-business activity of Gloomar services to improve their content and forms;
-administration of Gloomar managing and providing customer support;
-improvement of Gloomar services through user experience;
-protection of Gloomar infrastructure in the use of information technology;
-providing targeted (“direct” ) marketing and advertising;
-providing updates of Gloomar service;
-to supply promotional business;
-your activities when you use Gloomar services;
-implementing controls, comparison of the data for accuracy and verification of the data by third parties;
Questionnaires, business proposals, surveys and your profile data:
If you choose to answer our voluntary questionnaires or surveys, we can use this information to improve Gloomar services, send you marketing, business or advertising information.
Our contact with Gloomar users:
We communicate with our users through Master Gloomar account or e-mail within the services required. Also, we can communicate with our users by telephone if:
- resolving complaints of users within Gloomar services;
- response to requests for service users;
- informing the user if his/hers activities are contrary with Gloomar business conditions, trading standards, or good manners;
- confirmation of identity information, business activities through the user’s account;
- implementation of collection of marketing activities;
- conducting surveys of users; and
- investigation of suspicious transactions within Gloomar services;
We may use your e-mail or physical address to confirm opening of your Gloomar Master account, to send you information about your activities within Gloomar services to inform of important changes within Gloomar products and services, and to send notices and other disclosures required by law. In general, users can’t block the sending of these messages of informative nature.
We may also use your account or e-mail address to other types of business communication, which can be controlled independently as business demand and supply of other Gloomar users. After completing the registration process, you can individually select whether you want to receive some or all of Gloomar commercial offers or inquiries, or at any time thereafter, so that you log in to your Gloomar account, select My Account and then My Profile account settings, and update your communication preferences.
We can communicate with you as described above by using TEXT MESSAGE.
In connection with independent audits of our operation, you can be contacted as a sample of auditors of our customers to confirm that our data provided are accurate. However, auditors can’t use personal identification information for any other purposes.
4. Marketing
We may combine the information you provide with information that we collect from other companies and use it to improve Gloomar services. If you wish to receive from Gloomar marketing messages or participate in our development programs, just log to your account, select My Account profile, then setting the notification and update your communication preferences or follow the instructions provided with the communication or advertising.
5. How do we share the information with other users of Gloomar
If you are a registered Gloomar user, your public information that you provide to us are available to other Gloomar registered users. In addition, these and other information may also be shared with third parties, if these parties also use Gloomar services. However, the number of your bank account and other confidential and proprietary information which you mark when you register as private will not be disclosed to anyone else except by your express consent which you mark, or if we are required to do so by law, or by court order or legal procedure.
To facilitate the resolution of any disputes, we can provide to other users the address of user with dispute.
We may also share all public information and by you published data with other users of Gloomar services.
If you are using Gloomar as a means to log in to the external websites users, we don’t guarantee the protection of your personal data in accordance with privacy data such as external websites. So please take note that the third party may have their own Principles of Privacy Policies, and Gloomar is not responsible for their operations without limiting their information practices.
If you open Gloomar account directly through the website or via a third party or third party application, all information you enter on this external website (and not directly via Gloomar services), your information may be subject to their Private Principle Policy.
By accepting this Privacy Policy, you expressly agree that your public data submitted by you can be passed on to customers outside the European Economic Area (EEA) to be able to process, execute or otherwise deal and provide information within their business activities.

6. How do we share information with other third parties
Gloomar will not sell or rent information marked by you as private or defined by law as confidential to third parties for their marketing purposes without your explicit consent, and disclose such information only in limited circumstances and for the purpose described in this Privacy policy. This includes the transfer of data to stay under Gloomar control operators outside the European Economic Area (EEA).
Specifically, you agree that Gloomar will work with your information in the following manner:
Publish required information:
-to police and other law enforcement authorities
-security forces
-relevant governmental, intergovernmental or supranational authorities
-in response to requirements of civil or criminal trial
and other third parties, including company Gloomar LLC if we have reason to think that it is appropriate to cooperate in investigations of fraud or other illegal activities or potential illegal activities or conduct investigations of violations of User business conditions.
We cooperate with other organizations, including people or those that use Gloomar services (including from other countries) and export the necessary information of Gloomar to actions designed to prevent fraud and assessment and business risk management.
Disclose needed information on auditors, accountants, lawyers, service providers to customers of agencies involved in the fraud, providers of financial and insurance services, products, business partners, marketing and public relations companies and other third parties. The purpose of this information is to allow us to provide you with Gloomar full service.
Access needed information to your consultant.
Disclose summary statistics about our users for public relations. For example, we may disclose that a specific percentage of our users live in London. However, this summary information is not tied to personal information.
As part of our actions to prevent fraud and risk management we will also share the necessary information in case where Gloomar will freeze your master account due to potential litigation, claims for damages due to supply and demand of goods. Also, as part of the fraud prevention and risk management we can share information about your Master Account for evaluating the creditworthiness of your offers and requests published within Gloomar services.
To service providers:
Allow access to information to our business cooperating partners (service providers) on the basis of commercial agreements with us in order to support our business activities, such as for example, fraud prevention, marketing services and customer service and technology services. Our contracts require that these service providers only use the information in connection with services they perform for us and not for their own benefit.
Mergers and acquisitions:
As with any other business activities, it is possible that in the future other companies could merge with Gloomar. If such an acquisition, you agree that the acquiring company in this case will have access to Gloomar information, including customer account, and as the successor company would remain bound by this Privacy Policy, and if until modified.
Third party website:
If you open an Gloomar account directly from a third party website or by using application of a third party, all the information you enter on the website or application ( and not directly on the Gloomar website ), will be shared with the owner of the third party website or application. These websites have their own Privacy Principle Policies and will be recommended that you examine the Privacy Principle Policy before providing your personal information. Gloomar is not responsible for the content or information practices of these third parties.
7. Cross-border transmission of your information
Gloomar is committed to adequately protect your information regardless of where the data is stored and providing appropriate protection to your information where the data is transferred outside the EEA.
8. Your use of the information and Gloomar services
With the aim to facilitate transactions between Gloomar users, Gloomar services allows contact or transmitting information between Gloomar users.
As a user you can have access to information about other Gloomar users, e-mail addresses, and other contact or business information of other Gloomar user.
You agree that, with regard to the personal data of other users, that you have acquired through Gloomar services or through Gloomar, you will use this information exclusively for:
* own use and will not provide to third parties or trade
* Gloomar information will not be used to send unsolicited commercial communications to spam activities.
In all cases it is necessary to provide users with the ability to delete your private data from Gloomar database and review all the information that is collected about them.
Generally speaking, it must be in compliance with all applicable regulations on personal data protection to avoid uncontrolled disclosure, particularly in relation to receiving marketing e-mails.
Gloomar does not tolerate spam. Strictly we uphold our Principle Protection Policies against spam. To report spam activity in connection with Gloomar system, please contact us.
9. Information security
Gloomar is committed to handling information about customers with high security information. We use computer safeguards such as firewalls and data encryption, we advocate regular personal user control of Gloomar , check physical access to our building and data, and provide permission to access personal data only for those employees who need to perform their work obligation.
Gloomar security of your account also relies on your Gloomar password. You must never share your Gloomar password. Gloomar representative will never ask for your password, so any e-mail or other communication requesting your password should be treated as unauthorized and suspicious and forwarded to your Gloomar consultant.
If you for any reason share your Gloomar password with third party, including the fact that a third party pledged to provide you with management and other services, you will have a third party access to your account and personal information, and you may be liable for all transactions received via your password. If you think someone else gained access to your password, please change it immediately by logging into your account, change profile settings, and also contact us immediately.
10. Access and change of you data
You can always review the personal information that you provide to us, and perform desired changes in your account in the information at any time by logging into your account on the Gloomar website, select My account.
You can also close your account through the Gloomar website. If you close your Gloomar account, we will mark your account in our database as “CLOSED”, but will maintain your information about your account in our database. This is for example necessary because, in order to prevent fraud by that, We ensure that persons who try to commit fraud will not be able to avoid our detection simply by closing their account and opening a new account. However, if you close your account, your personal data will not be used by us for any other purpose, nor sold or shared with third parties, except in order to prevent fraud and assist law enforcement authorities in criminal proceedings, or in accordance with the law.
11. Liability
Our private office is responsible for ensuring that our procedures were in accordance with those principles to the validity date. To exercise their right to access information or have any questions regarding this Statement of Privacy, Gloomar information practices, or your negotiations with Gloomar, you can contact us by using this form, or by calling the number of our customer service located on our website.