• Invest in various regions of the world with us
  • We offer investment of $ 125.00 per unit
  • Currently we have limited offering for 20% of the company
  • The offer is valid till June 15th 2017.
  • $ 2,500,000 = 20% of GLOOMAR LLC
  • The investment is designated to expansion to the regions of USA, United Kingdom, Canada,
  • Germany, France, Russia and India.
  • Within two years we aim to be traded on the stock market and the purchased units will be exchanged for publicly traded shares.

  • Purchase GLOOMAR shares safely at:


  • We will restructure GLOOMAR LLC to GLOOMAR C Corporation within 6 to 8 months
  • One unit of the company will be exchanged for 100 shares which will be offered as unregistered stock in the amount of $ 1.50 per share (subject to SEC regulations)
  • This is the end of the first phase of the expansion
  • At the end of the first phase (within 2 years) GLOOMAR C Corporation platform will contain over 50 million valid contacts.
  • The project value is projected to increase up to $ 22,000,000
  • Within two years of GLOOMAR C Corporation joing the stock exchange, projected offer of 20-40 million shares in the value $ 1.50 per share. (Subject to SEC regulations)
  • If you invest a $ 125 per GLOOMAR LLC unit now, you can get the value of the value of the investment from $100 to $ 300 within two years

  • Purchase GLOOMAR shares safely at :

Demanded capital:


Phase 1: Structure reorganization:


In 2018 entry into the stock market

Timeline 2017 Q12017 Q22017 Q32017 Q42018 Q12018 Q22018 Q32018 Q42019 Q12019 Q2 2019 Q32019 Q42020 Q12020 Q2 2020 Q32020 Q4
Number of FREE Certification 1,000 3,000 5,000 15,000 45,000 90,000 250,000 500,000 750,000 1,500,000 2,000,000 3,000,000 4,000,000 5,000,000 6,000,000 7,000,000
Number of FREE TRAIL     1,000 5,000 10,000 30,000 80,000 100,000 150,000  200,000250,000 300,000 350,000 400,000
Number of Subscribers      1,0002,0003,0005,00010,00015,00020,00025,00030,00040,000
Income $0$0$0$0$0$0$400,000$800,000 $1,200,000$2,000,000$4,000,000$6,000,000$8,000,000 $10,000,000 $12,000,000$16,000,000 


Currently & Phase 1:


New contacts potential – Phase 1

The number of verified contacts:


The expected share value per quarter:

Presumed number of registration:Presumed-Number-of-Registration

What is ?


GLOOMAR is „one stop“ supranational informative multi‐language modular platform ensuring professional and legally well‐ founded service designed for certified and registered users, legal and physical entities. All system is drawn to utilize broad‐ range of accessible services by users from one place with the aim to ensure achievement of maximal performance with minimal costs, full declaration of legal purity of offered algorithms and acceptation of confidential information in business contact.

Basic unit of informative GLOOMAR platform is certified registered user that through own account in the system communicates with the market in the form of offers and requests. The user during this whole period of certified registration keeps license to utilize all advantages of the system. For all the time the user is under the supervision of assigned certified personal company consultant. Thereby we guarantee the legitimacy and legal purity of user presentation in the system. By acceptation of above mentioned algorithms grows the user’s trustworthiness in face of surrounding market environment and his/her ability to win recognition on home and international market. And last but not least it eliminates business risks and saves the costs.

Right from the start, the informative platform will be full of public „non‐certified“ supportive databases of entrepreneurial subjects. Certification and registration of business credibility of particular users is ensured by the network of regional consultants in the areas where GLOOMAR has established legal and economical subjectivity through own subsidiary companies or licensed external companies / PROVIDERS /.

The system is particularly focused on:

  • New companies
  • Dynamically developing companies with the potential and ambition to expand
  • Companies with their own know how
  • Companies with interesting sales portfolios
  • Companies with interesting development goals
  • Companies prepared for the entry of strategic partners
  • Active retail users


  1. GLOOMAR offers free 5 level certification for all legitimate companies . Certification is under full control by our professionally trained local consultants.
  2. For GLOOMAR registered users we offer a global unique one stop service such as :
    • Full global company presentation
    • Full global products & services presentations / company catalogs / incl. multi‐language tags for global search
    • Priority displaying in field databases
    • On line creating of own direct international trade databases / by fields of activities, regions, products, services etc. Secure on‐line communication with business partners around the world
    • Procure products and services of a certified and audited business partners
    • To acquire a quality information from foreign markets.
    • To get a professional legal and business protection to foreign markets without intermediaries.
    • Attract employees to the local and international markets.
    • Offering commercial representation in international markets.
    • Acquiring commercial representation from international markets.
    • Registered partners / users manage their own current information online, without intermediaries. / Therefore, credibility of registered and certified partners is growing on the global market

Guarantied global business information and services in one place.

Areas that the system is particularly focused on:

  • Legal support of expanding or investing companies on nondomestic markets / module EXPAND
  • Business and marketing support of expanding or investing companies - branch databases / module MARKETING
  • Offer of presentation actions / Module EXHIBITIONS AND FAIRS
  • Financial & Insurance support of expanding companies / modules FINANCE and INSURANCE
  • Consulting and Support services / module EXPAND
  • Representing new expanding or investing companies on nondomestic markets / module START
  • Offers and Demand of Advertising professional services / module ADVERTISING
  • Aggregate demand for products and services of companies and end users
  • Offer of products and services on a global scale to companies and end users / module PRODUCT & SERVICES
  • Offers and Demands of global job vacancies / module JOB
  • Global real estate offers & demands / module REAL ESTATE
  • Direct form of investment for registered users / module INVESTMENT
  • Global Offers and Demands of Accomodation and Passenger transportation / module Travel

From the outset the information portal will be filled with publicly accessible “uncertified” sorted databases of unregistered business entities. Registration and “certification” of the business credibility of individual business entities will be provided by a network of consultants in regions where GLOOMAR will have legal and economic subjectivity through its own subsidiaries or licensed external companies.

Why when we have internet browsers available? What Gloomar is unique in?

Because Gloomar offers unique services:

  • Gloomar is not anonymous, all certified user are under control of business network of the consultants.
  • Gloomar provides overall international services , also in your native language.
  • Gloomar can easy and quickly find “filtered” information that is offered by full‐text searching only with difficulties.
  • Gloomar will provide you only verified and guaranteed information.
  • Gloomar associates qualified and trustful professional users from various branches in international range
  • Gloomar enables its users to work absolutely goal‐directed way without any needless waste of time.
  • Gloomar enables to work effectively , also on the markets abroad.
  • Gloomar is safe for every user as we know personally its potential business partners.
  • Gloomar offers international business opportunities for everyone.
  • Gloomar provides registered users with unique high‐effective and professional business tools.
  • Glomar works only on the places where it is physically present.
  • Gloomar doesn’t accept “no name” activities. Each system user is audited by Gloomar network of the consultants in advance.
  • Gloomar protects you and your business.
  • Gloomar ensures that you will not receive information that you don’t want or need.
  • Gloomar immediately provides you information in one place that will help you to grow in long term.
  • Gloomar guarantees you enforceability of potential claims in the regions where it is physically present.

Why now?

  • Biggest worldwide transatlantic business zone / TTIP / is going to be opened and the demand for mutual business information will come within two years.
  • The market will be globalized in accelerated tempo and worldwide companies will be looking for new sales systems.
  • Local companies are looking for new or cheaper products for local distribution.
  • There is a lack of qualified workers on local markets which in its consequence brings increased cross‐border demand and offer of work positions.
  • Accounts of internet users are flushed with milliards of spams and junk emails today.
  • With progress also the amount of anonymous (no name) and criminal activities on the internet / darknet / grows exponentially.
  • The market needs quick and high‐quality information on one place.
  • Also small and middle size companies want to expand with their production on international markets.

Kinds of the platform users:

Registered user = user of the GLOOMAR platform respecting business conditions of the portal

  • the company with full or partial / module / access into the system
  • the company that is profiling within 4 levels for free in the face of the rest of the GLOOMAR portal users the company with on‐line access to the system / module /
  • the company is positioned under the supervision of certified business network of local Provider
  • the company with full registered access can utilize all operations within the system
  • the company is obliged to up‐date its certified data entered into the system continuously in accordance with business conditions
  • the company is obliged to up‐date its offers a requests entered into the system continuously in accordance with business conditions
  • registered user has approval for profiling within the system of so‐called “qualified“ users


The Trade mark “Gloomar” is registered and valid for the European countries at this time.

Using of a nonregistered slogans as

Ownership of Domains:


Business targets:

From a business standpoint, it will be necessary to establish the information portal (over the course of three years) in twelve of the world’s largest economies. The aim will be to potentially acquire 1 – 1.5 million registered and certified users within six years. These users will then be under the certified control of 1,000 – 1,500 of their own trained certified consultants.

local providers:

  • Local providers / operators are local companies operating and promotes Gloomar project exclusively within the frame agreed region in terms of rules of appropriate region and in accordance with local cultural habits. The goal of the Providers / Operators is to promote business principles of Gloomar project in entrusted region via local network of consultants built by the Provider / Operator.
  • The Provider / Operator has following duties: to pay franchise charges to home company regularly in accordance with business conditions determined by Gloomar company,
    • to provide local database of entrepreneurial subjects, if it is available,
    • to ensure local support of public and professional organizations such as the boards of trade, associations etc.
    • to provide the translation of the portal content into local language,
    • to ensure recency of the expand module content for appropriate region,
    • to determine price setting of Gloomar services for appropriate region,
    • to build up local network of the consultants in accordance with Gloomar business and personal policy.
  • the Provider / Operator is responsible for marketing support and sales results of the region.


Sales management

Sales management ensures the certification of user and offers and sales of Gloomar services in the region.

  • PROVIDER = exclusive operator of the GLOOMAR platform with legal subjectivity within the area of agreed region developing business activities in the region under the conditions agreed in writing included in franchise contract, i.e.:
    • reimbursement of franchise payments / START , PROLONG, REGISTRY / price setting of services in the region
    • responsibility for the module EXPAND content up‐date
    • provision of available databases of the subjects within the region
    • responsibility for development and sales results of the platform within the region
    • responsibility for marketing support of the platform and the trademark within the region
    • provision of legal background of the platform and the trademark within the region

Duties of business management network system within the system:

Duties of business management network system within the GLOOMAR system Algorithm of regular cooperation with so‐called certified and registered users, i.e. users that are under the supervision of the network of certified consultants, is built on presumption that the consultant is able to keep active and effective contacts with the portfolio of approx. 1000 registered users.

From the start of supporting network operation of the consultants on the market it is required from each consultant to negotiate at least 6 business meetings on the daily basis, i.e. 120 visits per month. Own portfolio of 1000 registered user should be built by the consultant within 3‐4 years on condition of 25% of fruitfulness.

Dynamism of the system development will be very quick and by virtue of this the motivation for the consultant will be the possibility of career growth in extremely short time including international business positions. Own firmly given internal system of professional education of employees is available for all levels of business positions within the system.

Planed provider's operating management:


priorities in the following regions:


 PhaseBusiness potentialRegistration potential
EUI - II25,000,000250,000

Expected phases of the platform expansion:

1st phase: 2nd phase: 3rd phase: 4th phase:
USA China Mexico Others
Germany Argentina Vietnam
India Brazil South Korea
RFR Turkey Saudi Arabia
Canada Japan
United Kingdom Egypt
France Australia

Phase 2:


business potential:

From the business point of view it is necessary to establish informative portal GLOOMAR (within 3 years) in 12 strongest economies.

The goal is to bring 1/2 – 1.5 millions of B2B registered users and 5 millions of C2B clients within 5 years.

These users will work under the supervision of controlled network of 500 – 1500 trained certificated consultants.

All rights to the trademark utilization including exclusive worldwide distribution rights are provided by


global general provider


Contact person: Mr. Jerry Olejnicek
Phone: +1-727-251-7568