• Do you think you are special, ambitious, and independent?
  • Are you curious and looking for new possibilities of assertion with long-term development perspective?

  • Are you able to learn new things?
  • Can you represent, perform, negotiate, deal? Do you know what is the difference between this?
  • Can you persuade and argue objectively?
  • Can you separate important from unessential?

  • Do you know region where you live and work?
  • Do you want to meet successful people every day?
  • Do you want to build up your own, clearly defined carrier patiently?
  • Do you want to originate your own new affiliate within international business network?
  • Can you find out your team of people and lead them?
  • Are you not afraid to perform in front of more people?


If you have answered all points by “YES”...

... you are prepared professional consultant with managerial ambitious !


If you have answered some of the point by “NO” ...

... you can close this document ...


... or you can continue in reading, since ...






... and you can learn a lot with us ...

What would I do?

Work content of business management, i.e. consultants and certification authorities within GLOOMAR system:

  1. Presentation and representation of Gloomar portal to selected potential clients in committed region in this way:
    1. REGIONAL GLOOMAR PRESENTATION by visiting clients (face to face) 
    2. REGIONAL MASS GLOOMAR PRESENTATION for groups of client
  2. CERTIFICATION OF USERS in accordance with international CENCEA Standard
  3. Registration of users in committed region and regular contact with them
  4. Data administration of potential clients in committed region
  5. Contact with local “supporting partners” = associations, confederacies, mass media, political self-government, etc.

Parameters of business management network operation, i.e. consultants and certification authorities within GLOOMAR system

Algorithm of regular cooperation with so-called certificated and registered users, i.e. users that are present under control of the network of certified consultants, is built on premise that consultant is able to keep active and effective contacts with portfolio approx. 1000 registered users.

Right from the jump of operation of supporting network of consultants on the market there is daily activity of the consultant required in amount of 6 business contacts daily, i.e. 120 visits monthly. Own portfolio of 1000 registered users should be built up by average consultant providing 25% of success in 3-4 years.

Dynamism of the system development will be very quick, by reason of what the possibility of extremely quick career progression even to international business positions will be good motivation for consultants.

Own and firmly stated internal system of professional education and carrier progression is ready for all levels of business positions within the system.

Why you should decide right now?

Because you can be the first in your region.

If you will be the first in your region and you will be able to fulfill starting business indicators, you will have the chance to build up your own business network and to lead other new consultants and their activities in your region.

In this case, your reward will result not only from your activities but from all activities in your region. And on the top of this...

You will grow to higher positions in accelerated mode.

This procedure will never repeat again.

What to do if I want to become to be the consultant?

I. Register here and create your account:

II. Certify 1000 companies to the level 1* in your region

This way you will create your own portfolio of future clients that you will subsequently extend.
Select business partners that you will certify right way – they will be yours henceforth and no other consultant can take over them.

Clients that you certify will receive the message that you have been assigned to them as GLOOMAR consultant.

Register 120 users, move to SENIOR CONSULTANT position and create the team of 5 consultant.

Then register 1000 users as the first team and you will move directly on GENERAL MANAGER position.

At the same time we will establish official GLOOMAR affiliate within your region.

This we can offer regardless who you are. Show us what you can offer ...

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